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Mrs. W's Story

Originating in the small town of Terrell NC, Mrs. W’s Homemade Candy has quickly found a following, becoming much more than a holiday treat. It is enjoyed year round by family and friends across NC and the east coast. Many years ago, Mrs. W first made her husbands great great grandmother’s chocolate toffee candy for her children as a holiday treat. Such a simple yet tasty delight made with only butter, sugar, almonds and chocolate! Her family loved the smooth rich candy and the following holiday, she made it for friends as Christmas presents. Holiday after holiday, Mrs. W’s candy became more in demand, and the 2009 holiday season produced more requests and orders than imaginable. Numerous requests to purchase online pushed Mrs. W into sharing her tasty treats with the world.

All candy and cookies are made fresh; Mrs. W does not mass produce, instead preferring to provide the freshest candy and cookies possible. Order online today and you will soon enjoy a rich candy experience beyond compare.

Mrs. W' s commercial bakery is located in Terrell, North Carolina, a Lake Norman community where we are committed to providing fresh candy and cookies cooked to order and never ever mass produced!

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*** All of our handmade goodies are cooked out of our commercial kitchen inspected by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.